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the t.bone HD 990 D

Closed headphones

The isolating headphones for drummers

The HD 990 D, with its closed build, is aimed at drummers and all kinds of recording situations where cross-talk is supposed to be eliminated. Outside noises are shielded off nicely, which allows for monitoring in very loud environments. Its low weight and the adjustable headpiece offer a comfortable fit. The spiral cable avoids any tangling cables on stage and leaves enough room for you to move freely. T.bone's Iso-headphones!

  • Ideal for drummers

  • Build: dynamic, over-ear, closed
  • Impedance [Ohm]: 35
  • Frequency response [Hz]: 10 – 20000
  • SPL [dB]: 105 
  • Sound absorption [dB]: ca. 22
  • Cable length: 1-4 m
  • Weight [g]: 260
  • incl. spiral cable, 3.5 mm to 6.3 mm Adapter (screw)

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