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the t.bone TB 312 S

Dynamic gooseneck microphone

Expert communicator

Wheter as a talkback- or a vocoder microphone, at the podium or the conference table - the dynamic TB 312 S never disappoints. The XLR plug is integrated into the gooseneck and therefore saves space and minimises tangled cables next to the podium. Once set, the gooseneck allows the microphone to stay fixed in that position. Included in the set is a windshield, so that the TB 312 S may also be used outside under heavier conditions. Simply plug it in and get started! No phantom power needed.

  • Ideal for podiums
  • No phantom power required

  • Transducer type: dynamic
  • Directional characteristic: cardioid
  • Frequency response: 0.1m -10dB [Hz]: 20 - 17000
  • Field sensitivity[mV/ Pa]: 1.9
  • Field sensitivity[dB re 1V/ Pa]: -54.6
  • Electrical impedance [Ohm @ 1 kHz]: 500
  • Connection/ power: XLR
  • Measurements (H x B): ca. 40 cm,  length of the gooseneck: 27 cm
  • Weight [g]: 208
  • With switch

Download: technical datasheet (PDF)

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