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the t.bone CM 400

Video directional microphone

Sound that matches the picture

The CM 400 allows for precise AV recordings. Thanks to its super-cardioid/ directional characteristic, the shotgun microphone is ideal for vocal recordings, even in noisy environments. With the help of the included windscreen, the next outdoor shoot should be no problem at all. Via hot-show adapter, the CM 400 can be equipped onto basically any camera, and therefore offers a perfect aid for all those video-makers that cherish a brilliant sound.

  • Transducer type: dynamic
  • Directional characteristic: super-cardioid / directional
  • Frequency response 0.1m -10dB [Hz]: 60 - 20000
  • Field sensitivity [mV/ Pa]: 4.9
  • Field sensitivity [dB re 1V/ Pa]: -46.2
  • Equivalent noise level [dB(A)]: 26.9
  • Signal to noise ratio [dB(A)]: 67.1
  • SPL [dB SPL @ 1% THD]: 108
  • Electrical impendance [Ohm @ 1 kHz]: 920
  • Connection / Power: Stereo-jack 3.5 mm / 2x 377 button cell battery
  • Measurements (H x B): 16.3 cm x 1.2/0.8 cm
  • Colour: matt black
  • incl. windscreen, cable, battery and hot-shoe swing-holder.

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